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Data Protection Law

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The data protection law ensures the protection of privacy and personal data in our digitized world. LezziLegal supports you in correctly implementing the applicable data protection laws.

We offer tailored solutions and assist your company in the proper creation of privacy policies, the implementation of data protection governance, and taking legal steps in case of violations. As longtime experts in data protection law, we are here to assist you.

Our Expertise

Privacy Policies

Development and updating of privacy policies and consent forms to ensure transparency and compliance.

Data Protection Audits and Data Mapping

Conducting preventive audits to identify all personal data within your organization. Analysis and optimization of processing processes and their purposes.

Internal Data Protection Governance and Data Protection Policies

Establishment of internal data protection governance to ensure adequate data protection standards. Development and review of internal data protection policies.

Privacy Training

Conducting training sessions to raise awareness among management and employees about privacy risks and promote compliance with internal data protection policies.

Internal Data Protection Officer Services and External Data Protection Officer Services

Consultation and support for the internal data protection officer. Provision of external data protection officers to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Procedures with Data Protection Authorities and Investigations into Violations

Support and representation in procedures with data protection authorities as well as internal investigations into data protection violations. Development and implementation of appropriate measures to respond to violations.

Expert Opinions for New Business Models

Evaluation of new business models for compliance with data protection regulations. Consultation on data protection aspects in mergers and acquisitions to minimize risks and ensure compliance.

Privacy in M&A

Consultation on data protection aspects in mergers and acquisitions to minimize risks and ensure compliance.

Data Processing Agreements and Cloud Services

Preparation and review of data processing agreements and data security in cloud services.

AI in Data Protection

Integration of AI technologies into data protection processes to ensure effective data security and processing.

International Data Transfers

Support for international data transfers.


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